Heating oil for households

Teboil offers two types of heating oils for household use: 

1. Teboil Heating Oil (goes by the name of Motor/Heating in the online ordering service)

2. High quality, additive equipped Teboil Activ Heating Oil (goes by the name of Motor/Heating Act in the online ordering service)

Both products are available in summer and winter grades.

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teboil heating oil

Sulphur-free, basic quality Teboil Heating Oil contains a versatile mix of additives, which effectively protects the fuel system from corrosion. It meets the European standard for diesel fuels EN590 and its properties have been developed to fit the challenging conditions of Finnish climate.


Teboil Activ Heating Oil is a high quality light fuel oil meant for use in heating. It contains an effective burning catalyst, which makes the combustion of Activ Heating Oil more complete. Better combustion produces more energy for heating and significantly reduces the production of soot in the kettle. Equipment, which maintains itself in a clean state for longer, also reduces the need for maintenance.

Benefits of Teboil Activ Heating Oil

- Clean combustion - less soot produced
- Produces more heat
- Minimizes the need for kettle cleaning
- Makes kettle clean-up easier
- Great anti-corrosion properties
- Saves in oil consumption and equipment maintenance costs.

Scientifically proven to produce less soot

VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) made several different combustion experiments, which were designed to study, among other things, the soot index and the temperature of combustion gases. The soot index of Teboil Activ remained consistently low, even though the amount of use hours increased. The soot index was less than a half compared to the regular fuel oil used in the study. The low level of the soot index and the low level of rising in the temperature of the combustion gases both mean, that the oil burns cleanly. No excess soot layer is formed in the kettle. The results are based on VTT's report no. PRO521/02.


Teboil Heating Oil is available in both summer and winter grades. Summer grade is slightly cheaper than winter grade, but winter grade has better cold-resisting properties. Crucial factors when choosing the right type of oil are the placement of oil tank and the oil's storage temperature. In case the tank is located in a warm place indoors, summer grade can be used all year round. Summer grade can also be used all year round in most underground tanks. In case the tank is located outside above ground and is exposed to cold temperatures for a long time, we recommend switching to winter grade when the temperatures drop below 0.

Cold-resisting properties are expressed as cloud point, which determines the lowest possible storage temperature in which the hydrocarbons of oil stay in a non-crystallized form. The cloud point of the summer grade heating oil delivered between 1.5.-31.8. is 0 ⁰C and -3⁰C when delivered between 1.9.-30.4. The cloud point of the winter grade heating oil is -29 ⁰C.

Light heating oil requires additives for it to endure cold temperatures as well as being stored. Teboil Heating Oils contain a versatile mix of additives, which maintain the oil's high quality as well as protect the oil tank from corrosion.


Teboil's Home Heating Service is a service tailored for households. You have the option of splitting your payment into as many as five monthly installments. As a loyalty card holder, you accumulate Home Heating bonus points per calendar year.

Amount purchased (litres per year)


2 000 – 2 499

10 €

2 500 – 2 999

15 €

over 3 000

20 €


The bonus is automatically deducted from the invoice for your first order of the following calendar year.

Safety data sheets (in Finnish)

Product data sheets (in Finnish)


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2. In the price calculator, please first choose Teboil Heating Oil or additive equipped Teboil Activ Heating Oil as the product, enter the order quantity and your postal code. Read more about our products.

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- We recommend placing your order in advance. Normal delivery time is 1-5 business days. However, possible challenging weather conditions and sudden spikes in placed orders can prolong the estimated delivery time. We recommend placing your order at least two weeks before running out of oil.

- The order can be accepted without your physical presence, if the filler is open and there is direct access to the point of discharge (e.g. snow has been removed).

- For a successful delivery, the requirement is that the tank should be equipped with a functional overfill protector.

- In case the filler tube is located above 1.5 meters, the tank truck driver should have an access to a safe work platform.

- The tank truck should be able to get close to the filling spot and the filling connector should be a camlock.

- The discharging should be possible to perform with a normal filling pressure.

- The tank filling should always be performed in outdoors spaces. To avoid any major oil spillage, so-called indoor filling procedures are prohibited.

- Remember to also clean the oil tank regularly in accordance with recommendations, so you can enjoy oil heating even more worry-free. 

General Delivery Terms for Consumer Clients