Home style lunch

Our home-style lunch is a delicious option freshly prepared from high quality ingredients. Complete your lunch with a salad buffet and freshly baked bread.

Our lunch buffet offers you both warm food options as well as a salad buffet at the same price. Complete your lunch with our freshly baked bread. Our large selection includes options for those fond of traditional tastes, those looking for new food options, health-conscious individuals, vegetarians and even children.

Teboil service stations put emphasis on quality

A key feature of good food is the high quality of ingredients. Teboil lunch uses mainly local ingredients and the menu is planned around seasonal foods and also features some of the latest food trends. We encourage our local chef to demonstrate his own cooking style. Additionally, no industrial solutions are used in the preparation of food.

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Get every eleventh meal for free with a lunch pass

Receive a stamp on your station-specific lunch pass for every home-style lunch for adults that's priced over 7.90€. After ten stamps, you will receive the eleventh meal for free. (the lunch pass can be used at most station locations)

 Our home-style lunch buffet features warm food options, a plentiful salad buffet, freshly baked bread, drink of your choice (water, milk, buttermilk, home-brewed beer) as well as coffee or tea. As an alternative option, enjoy our light soup lunch or a salad from our lunch buffet completed with additional protein side, that can be ordered separately from the kitchen. Lunch options vary depending on the specific station.