The AdBlue® solution of urea and deionised water is available at Teboil's D-stations in 1,000 litre IBCs, in bulk from a tanker, or in 200 litre barrels and 10 litre canisters.

Teboil's AdBlue® urea-water solution is meant for use in heavy vehicles. AdBlue® is an additive required in new commercial vehicles which utilise Selective Catalytic Reduction technology. With the help of AdBlue®, the post-processing of exhaust gases meets requirements set by the Euro 5/Euro 6 exhaust gas emissions norms.

The AdBlue® additive reduces nitrogen oxides to harmless nitrogen and water, which are removed along with the exhaust gases. AdBlue® consumption is around 5% that of diesel fuel consumption. Trucks contain a separate 30-100 litre tank for the AdBlue® additive.

Teboil supplies the AdBlue® additive as follows:

  • Teboil D-station
    AdBlue® is already available at 170 Teboil D-stations.
  • Individual delivery
    Minimum delivery is 1,500 litres.
  • 1,000 litre CDS container or IBC
    We recommend the simple and cost-efficient 1,000 litre CDS container or IBC solution for indoor use. As part of the same package, we also recommend that you procure the accompanying equipment through Teboil: pump, gun, hoses and connectors, as well as a flow meter. The container is a cost-efficient and simple solution, and an empty container can be cleanly and quickly exchanged for a full container.
  • 200 litre barrel
    Minimum order is 1 barrel. Manual hand-pump available.
  • 10 litre can
    Minimun order is 20 cans. AdBlue® is also sold in 10 litre cans at all well-stocked Teboil service stations and it is a good AdBlue refueling alternative to passenger cars and vans.

Teboil's AdBlue® urea-water solution is technically suitable for both passenger cars and heavy traffic.