Teboil Light fuel oil

Teboil supplies light fuel oil for industrial companies' heating, production process energy needs, power generation and vehicles.

Teboil Motor/Heating  light fuel oil is a sulphur-free light fuel oil suitable for use in both machinery and heating systems. The product is available in summer and winter grades. You can order Teboil Motor/Heating light fuel oil directly to your own storage tank or stock up at a Teboil service station.  You can also use a Teboil D-card to refuel at all Teboil D3 unmanned stations.

For heating purposes, Teboil also offers high-quality Teboil Motor/Heating Activ light fuel oil.  The product burns cleanly and produces an even warmth. Clean burning means less emissions and a reduced need for maintenance on your heating system equipment.

Teboil's extensive storage network and several procurement sources guarantee reliable oil deliveries, even in exceptional circumstances.

A flexible and reliable fuel oil service:

  • Precise deliveries direct to the customer's tank.
  • Automatic filling service upon separate agreement.
  • Emergency service in cases where the customer runs out of fuel oil.
  • Freephone order service number open 24 hours a day.
  • The Teboil Corporate Card for corporate customers and the Teboil D-card.
  • Teboil Motor/Heating light fuel oil is sold at over 150 D-stations.

>> Product data - summer quality

>> Product data - winter quality

>> Safety data sheet