Terms and Conditions of Teboil CardExtranet Service

1. The subject of and parties to the contract

These Terms and Conditions apply to use of the Extranet service in the operating environment created by Oy Teboil Ab ("Teboil").

2. Terms and Conditions and Order of Application

2.1. In the use of the Extranet service, these Terms of Use are primarily and secondarily applicable to the general card terms and conditions of Teboil.

2.2. Teboil has the right to charge for the use of the service according to the valid price list or in accordance with any other agreement with the Customer.

3. Introduction of the service

3.1. Use of the Services requires registration as a user of services and acceptance of the Terms of Use.

3.2. Teboil has the right to reject a customer's registration. The agreement on the use of the Extranet service shall enter into force when Teboil has confirmed it with the Customer.

3.3. Company┬┤'s Extranet identification order and changes related to it can only be made by a person who has signatory rights or the right to enter into agreements with Teboil and to accept the terms and conditions of service based on their position.

4. Announcements and information

4.1. The Extranet service can be used in addition to the contact details of the Customer for informing the Customer about Teboil services and agreements made by the Customer with Teboil and for marketing purposes.

5. Contents of the Service

5.1. By using the Service, the Customer can for example receive purchasing reports related to Teboil services and products used by him as well as order or use products and services available through the Service. Teboil has the right to change the content of the Service

6. Responsibility of the Customer

6.1. Account identifiers

The Customer accepts as binding all the measures that have been made in the Service from the Customer's account or by the Customer or on behalf of the Customer. Using of the account identifiers in the Service is equivalent to the Customer's signature

The customer is obliged to protect the account identifiers carefully. If the Customer's account information falls into the hands of a third party or is lost, the Customer must immediately inform Teboil. The Customer's responsibility for the use and operation of such an account ID and for possible damage to third parties ends when customer has reported the loss of IDs to Teboil according to the rules issued by Teboil and Teboil has had a reasonable time to prevent the use of the account IDs. However, the Customer is responsible for all damage caused by misuse of the accounts, if the Customer has failed to ensure careful protection of the account information.

6.2. The Administrator

The Customer has to notify Teboil of the one user with administrative privileges (Administrator). Teboil shall provide the Customer with the account information of the Administrator after accepting the Customer's registration. The Customer is responsible for the management of access rights. Teboil must be notified of the change of the Administrator, in order that the change be effected.

The Administrator of the Customer creates and maintains the accounts of other users of the Customer. The Administrator has the right to use all parts and materials of the Service to which the Customer is entitled. Accounts other than the Administrator's may have limited permissions. The Administrator is responsible for the extent of the permissions of the accounts he has created. The Administrator is responsible for user support to other users of the Customer and acts as a link between Teboil and the Customer in matters relating to the Extranet service.

6.3. Equipment

The Customer is responsible for the costs and operation of the equipment, software, communications and data connections required for the use of Services.

6.4. Materials

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that he does not use the Services to produce, post, store or otherwise handle any material that infringes copyright or other rights, good practices, laws or official regulations. Infringement may result in the obligation to compensate for any damage caused as well as criminal penalties.

7. Responsibility and liability of Teboil

7.1. Teboil is responsible for ensuring that the encryption and security procedures used in the service-related data transmission and processing are adequate. Teboil maintains the Service so that it is generally available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Teboil may temporarily suspend the service, for example, to make a modification, conduct maintenance or repair work on the system or for any other similar reason.

7.2. Teboil is not responsible for any individual data errors or misprints, or anything similar in the reports or other material produced by the Service. In addition, Teboil is not responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by technical faults, maintenance or installation interruptions and data traffic disruptions in data networks, information systems or data connections independent from Teboil, or alteration, loss or delays in the data possibly caused by them.

8. Changing the Terms and Conditions

8.1. Teboil has the right to change the Terms by notifying about the change. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions shall be made in writing.

9. Validity, termination and cancellation of the Terms and Conditions

9.1. The Customer's right to use the Service according to the Terms and Conditions enters into force when Teboil confirms the Customer's sign-up and delivers the Administrator account data to the Customer.

Teboil may terminate the use of the Service by giving 30 days' notice. The Customer may terminate the use of the Service by giving 15 days' notice.

9.2. Revocation or suspension of user permission

Teboil has the right to revoke or suspend the user rights of the Customer according to these Terms and Conditions without giving a notice period if the Customer uses or Teboil suspects that the Customer will possibly use the Service in a manner contrary to these Terms and Conditions, other terms and conditions for a product or service that is binding on the Customer, in violation of law or good practice, or use or attempt to use the Service in a manner that endangers its functionality or security arrangements or due to other similar reason.

10. Other terms and conditions

10.1. Teboil or its licensors have full rights (ownership, copyright and other intellectual property rights) to the Services and associated material offered by Teboil. Other service providers or their licensors have the rights to the products and services, as well as the related material of respective service providers.

10.2. The contract is governed by Finnish law. Any disputes shall be settled by Helsinki District Court.