Teboil is an significant actor in the Finnish energy market. We provide a nationwide fuel sales network from urban centers to sparsely populated rural areas. We also make direct deliveries of oil products for various uses from transporting goods and people to heating purposes, and for the use of Finnish agriculture, construction and industry.

Teboil focuses its sales on domestic oil products, the transport and distribution process of which is subject to some of the most stringent regulations in the world. We at Teboil are professionals in the distribution and sales of fuel and our duty and pride is to ensure the safety of sales and service both for the customer as well as for the environment. We provide this service on our stations and in direct deliveries to our customers as sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly manner as possible.


Slowing down climate change requires a reduction in emissions and a significant shift to renewable energy sources. In addition to fossil fuels, we sell Green + diesel fuel and Green + fuel oil, which are made entirely from renewable raw materials.

The Act of the Promotion of the Use of Biofuel Oil gradually replaces fossil petrol and diesel used in traffic with renewables reaching 30 % in 2029. We at Teboil operate in accordance with The Act.

We support the production of renewable fuels in Finland and aim to use them as much as possible. Additionally, we are continuously exploring other energy alternatives and are preparing for the diversifying demand.

For us at Teboil, responsibility equals safety at stations and in the transport chain as well as taking care of our employees. We provide training in, for example, the safe handling of chemicals, first aid firefighting and fire safety and we aim to prevent environmental damage and work accidents in an ongoing dialogue with various stakeholders. Safety and prevention of emergencies is at the core of all our operations.

Responsibility at construction sites

Teboil service stations are dealer-driven private companies. When a new service station is built or an old one is demolished, Teboil undertakes the responsibility for the construction site.

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Responsibility at stations

Oy Teboil Ab’s role is to sell and distribute fuel. Our responsibility is to ensure the safety of service and sales at stations for clients and nature alike.

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Responsibility as an employer

Teboil employees include experts of about 200 different fields. Our station network consists of 400 points of sale, 100 of which are service stations. 900 employees employed by independent entrepreneurs work at our stations.

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