Teboil Diesel oil

Teboil Diesel is a high-quality, sulphur-free diesel oil, whose properties were developed based on professional drivers' wishes to suit Finnish conditions, which vary widely and can be demanding.

Teboil supplies diesel oil in summer and winter grades. You can refuel with diesel oil at all Teboil service stations and unmanned stations, as well as at D-stations for heavy commercial vehicles.

Versatile power additives

Teboil Diesel contains high-quality power additives, which give the product good properties concerning resistance to the cold and lubrication. In addition, the power additives reduce fuel consumption by keeping the engine clean, reducing foam production while refuelling and improving engine start-up. It also prevents premature wear and tear to the injection pump and other important components.

Environmental benefit

Together with the clean combustion of fuel, the use of sulphur-free Teboil Diesel reduces the strain on the environment. Due to Teboil Diesel's high cetane number, there is significantly less smoke on cold start up than when using normal Diesel.

Even summer-grade diesel handles the cold well

Teboil Diesel's cold resistance properties are excellent. The summer-grade diesel's typical clouding and filterability values are of the highest level, meaning that you get more affordable months of summer diesel use per year.  A longer service life means savings.

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