Teboil Green+ Renewable Diesel

Teboil Green+ is a diesel fuel made from hundred percent renewable ingredients and it is compatible with all diesel engines. Teboil Green+ is made of community waste and industrial process residues and reduces carbon dioxide emissions even up to 90 percent compared to a normal diesel fuel.

Teboil Green+ renewable diesel is available for Teboil D-card clients at four Teboil D-points:

  • Helsinki Kyläsaari
  • Vantaa Avia
  • Vantaa Hakunila
  • Salo Suomusjärvi Kivihovi

Teboil Green+ renewable diesel meets the EN 15940-fuel standards. Teboil Green+ doesn’t contain sulfur, oxygen or aromatic components. The high setane number of the product ensures efficient and clean combustion and good cold start-up, as well as reduces nearby emissions.

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