Teboil LPG

Teboil Liquefied Petroleum Gas burns cleanly and evenly. The company supplies its Teboil LPG in a variety of ways, from bottled gas delivered to households to corporate equipment and system solutions carried out as turnkey deliveries.

For companies

Teboil is a versatile partner able to meet all your company's liquefied petroleum gas needs.

Teboil supplies LPG for industrial and professional use in both cylinders and tanks. Teboil imports and stores and distributes its own LPG all over Finland, ensuring reliable LPG deliveries in all conditions.

Teboil's LPG professionals are available to answer any questions you may have concerning liquefied petroleum gas or LPG systems. Our comprehensive service also includes tailored equipment solutions and LPG systems as turnkey deliveries.

For households

Teboil LPG is excellent for home and leisure use.

Bottled LPG is perfect for quick heat production. Its clean burn makes it suitable for a diverse range of uses: barbequing, caravans and camper vans, as a source of energy and heat for leisure homes, preparing food on a gas stove, and a whole host of other activities.

Teboil LPG is available in steel and composite cylinders at Teboil service stations and from our other distributors throughout Finland.

Gas cylinders for household use

2kg, 5kg and 11kg steel cylinders and light 6kg and 10kg composite cylinders, all equipped with click-on valves, are suitable for household use, barbequing and leisure.

For caravans, camper vans and boats, the right choice is an 11kg steel cylinder equipped with a screw valve.

The size of an LPG cylinder refers to the amount of gas contained within the cylinder. Sold bottles are not purchased back by Teboil, but instead act as exchange cylinders, i.e., you can exchange an empty cylinder for a full gas cylinder of the same size and type, paying only for the gas.