Car wash

In Finland's unstable weather, washing your car is not just a matter of appearance, but regular washing is one of the most important maintenance measures.

A greasy, difficult to remove dirt layer that forms from sand, the surface of asphalt roads detached by studded tires, dust, gravel, sludge and road salt is formed on the car's surface. By washing your car about every two weeks, you can slow down the fading of the car's paint, the spread of damage caused by loose stones, and other damage of the car. In addition, waxing your car 2-4 times a year provides good protection to the car's paint; the waxed surface repels water and dirt and is easier to keep clean.

Washing your car at Teboil is fast, easy and safe. To the surprise of many, machine washing is even gentler on the car's surface than hand washing at home, as modern car wash machines wash sand and other solid dirt off the surface with chemicals and pressure washing using plenty of water before the actual wash.

Teboil Car Wash is a better choice than a home wash also for the environment. When washing at home in yards and garages, detergents, solvents, shampoos, waxes and rinse aids usually end up, together with the wastewater, directly in the ground or in the public sewer system. Teboil uses only approved detergent combinations and takes care of waste water treatment in accordance with regulations. The oil separator separates, among other things, washing solvents and dissolved oils from the wastewater, which are delivered for appropriate further treatment.

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Don't forget the Teboil Wash Pass to get a benefit for every sixth wash!

4 x Teboil's wash program - find the one that suits your car best:
  1. Basic wash - For cars that have been washed often and have a surface that's not very dirty.
  2. Intensive wash - For cars with a light, easily detachable dirt on the surface.
  3. Diamond wash - An intensive wash for cars that need a more thorough wash to get rid of grime.
  4. Shine wash - usually the best wash of the station. The extensive wash is finished with a waxing brush that protects the painted surface of the car and facilitates cleaning.

Many business locations have a high-model wash machine that can also be used to wash elevated vans.


  1. Remove antennas, roof rack and other accessories. The staff can help you. You can also ask about the possibility of washing accessories and special cars.
  2. Read the wash instructions outside the car wash before paying for the wash.
  3. Insert your card into the ATM machine or enter a number code. Drive into the wash. Do not exit your car during the wash.
  4. After the wash, drive outside and test the brakes.

Many stations have a high-model wash machine that can also be used to wash elevated vans.

Teboil Truck Wash

Teboil has also introduced a new kind of service for professional drivers. Teboil Truck Wash at Teboil Avia (Nuolitie 11, Vantaa) cleans cars of any shape and size. In addition, the service station has efficient hot water washers for hand-washing items. In addition to vehicle fleet wash, drivers will also have the opportunity to wash themselves in the shower area of Teboil Avia.