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With Teboil Heating Oil, you can heat up your home in a financially sustainable and trustworthy manner. For us, friendly customer service is an issue of pride. Our great customer service also includes fast delivery times, which is made possible with the help of our national distribution network.


1. Calculate the price of the day with our price calculator or call our customer support via 0800 183 300 (on business days from 7-18).

2. In the price calculator, please first choose Teboil Heating Oil or additive equipped Teboil Activ Heating Oil as the product, enter the order quantity and your postal code. Read more about our products.

3. After you've calculated the price, go to our webstore by pressing the "Order" button or call our customer support via 0800 183 300 (on business days from 7-18).

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- We recommend placing your order in advance. Normal delivery time is 1-5 business days. However, possible challenging weather conditions and sudden spikes in placed orders can prolong the estimated delivery time. We recommend placing your order at least two weeks before running out of oil.

- The order can be accepted without your physical presence, if the filler is open and there is direct access to the point of discharge (e.g. snow has been removed).

- For a successful delivery, the requirement is that the tank should be equipped with a functional overfill protector.

- In case the filler tube is located above 1.5 meters, the tank truck driver should have an access to a safe work platform.

- The tank truck should be able to get close to the filling spot and the filling connector should be a camlock.

- The discharging should be possible to perform with a normal filling pressure.

- The tank filling should always be performed in outdoors spaces. To avoid any major oil spillage, so-called indoor filling procedures are prohibited.

- Remember to also clean the oil tank regularly in accordance with recommendations, so you can enjoy oil heating even more worry-free. 

General Delivery Terms for Consumer Clients