[19.11.2020] Procurement-to-pay solution

Due to the end of the lifecycle of primary invoice approval software, we are looking at revamping of our procurement-to-pay process. The entire process consists of several sub processes according to the current IT architecture. Detailed RFP will be provided upon request (please express your interest via contact details below).

Requirements to the participants of the tender:

  • Established company (at least 5 years of continuous business history) with proven track record of performance history
  • Good credit rating
  • Payment terms 45 days
  • Technical capability to accomplish the project as well as to provide the relevant API for existing ERP system (SAP) and banks
  • Due to the GDPR rules, all data handling (from scanning up to storage) shall take place within EU
  • Technical support shall be available at least in Finnish and English
  • The product form may be either an on-premise as well as a cloud solution
  • In case of each modules above, relevant metadata shall be easily accessible in bulk and flexibly extractable with various attributes in either CSV or via direct querying

Tender due date: by 19.12.2020.

For more information or to request any extra details please contact Georgi Kurejev (Head of finance) via georgi.kurejev@teboil.fi