[22.11.] Customer Service Center solution

IInquiry of willingness to participate tendering process: Customer Service Center solution

 Teboil has started tender process to find a supplier to offer Customer Service Center solution.


Non-disclosure and Data Processing agreement

 The detailed information is presented in the tender material which will be sent to a tenderer on request. Prerequisites for receiving the material are a signed Non-disclosure agreement and Data Processing agreement which are scanned and sent to ittender@teboil.fi no later than 20.12.2019 by 15:00 Finnish time. In addition a tenderer needs to send 2 original copies of the signed Non-disclosure agreements and 1 original copy of Data Processing agreement to

Teboil Oy


Box 57

FIN-01511 Vantaa

Non-disclosure and Data Processing agreement can be requested by sending mail to ittender@teboil.fi


Preliminary schedule 


Tender process

November 2019 – March 2020

due dates


Notification about tender published in Teboil.fi


22.11.- 20.12.2019


NDA is sent to Teboil


20.12.2019 by 15:00 FI time


Official Request for Proposal is sent to tenderers


On reasonable time after signed NDA and Data Privacy are received but no after 31.12.2019.



Tender presentations & meetings for more detailed information sharing (in case needed)




Tenders to be delivered to Teboil




Tender presentations & meetings for more detailed information sharing (in case needed)




Negotiations and decision


February - March 2020



A tenderer needs to follow the given schedule. Schedule deviation may lead to disqualification of a tender.


Additional information

All questions are to be sent to ittender@teboil.fi. The due date for additional question is 15.1.2020.

A tenderer needs to provide official email address where the tender material can be sent by Teboil Oy.