[23.9.] Supplier for IT devices

Invitation for tender: Supplier for workstations (laptops) including related peripherals and software licenses

Teboil is looking for a supplier to deliver workstations (laptops) and related peripherals, accessories and services for the period 2020–2022. The aim is to make frame agreement with one or two suppliers to secure comprehensive supply.

In order to receive full RFP, please sign the attached non-disclosure agreement and send it scanned to ittender@teboil.fi no later than 9th October 2020. A tenderer is requested to send the original NDA as 2 copies to

Oy Teboil Ab
IT/Tender Minna Aro
PL 57

01511 VANTAA


The tender is open until 16th October 2020.

Oy Teboil Ab
Minna Aro
Service Delivery Manager