Become a dealer

With the help of their personality, enthusiasm and skills, Teboil dealers hold a key position for developing the station they manage.


Teboil dealers work as local and independent entrepreneurs who recognize the needs of the area's customer base. Service stations act as meeting places for residents and their services can be customized to meet the area's needs. This is done in cooperation with the station network, for example by investing in an attractive range of lunch options or varied maintenance services.

Teboil entrepreneurs receive a strong support and expertise from our network in marketing, concepts, logistics and entrepreneurship. Dealers also support each other by sharing ideas and advice on how to develop operations.

Founded in 1934, the Teboil brand is known to every Finn. Nearly all Teboil service stations are dealer-driven and many of our dealers are second- and even third-generation service station entrepreneurs. Teboil services both cars and people with decades of expertise.

We are constantly looking for new dealers for new and upcoming stations as well as for existing stations in need of a new dealer. Fulfill your dream with us!

You must have sufficient Finnish language skills as a  dealer. So fill in the application in Finnish.