Eat and drink

A safe and enjoyable car trip requires regular refueling for both the car and those using it. Teboil dealers will make your break enjoyable.

Our cafeterias will offer you a range of delicious meals and refreshing snacks. Enjoy your fresh coffee in our cafeteria together with a tasty sweet bun or a filling sandwich.

Familiarize yourself with our renewed menu and our locally prepared home-style lunch which is completed with a refreshing salad buffet and freshly baked bread. Depending on the location, Teboil stations will also offer you pizza from Kotipizza, hamburgers from Rolls and hot dogs from Sibylla.


Home style lunch

Our home-style lunch is a delicious option freshly prepared from high quality ingredients. Complete your lunch with a salad buffet and freshly baked bread.

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The renewed Teboil menu offers such delicious food, that it will completely transform your thoughts about gas station dining. We put emphasis on high quality ingredients and pick our partners carefully. Come visit us and check out our delicious new meals and renewed fan favourites. What's your choice?

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Fresh coffee, always - a promise, that is fulfilled by the Finnish favourite, Paulig Juhla Mokka coffee! Enjoy a cup on the go or sit down and enjoy your coffee at the station together with our freshly-made doughnut.

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Fast food

Hamburger, pizza or hot dog? Which of the delicacies would taste like a traveler or even a takeaway to take home? Welcome to eat!

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