Teboil Green+ Renewable Fuel Oil

The Teboil product family now features a renewable and modern fuel oil that is well suited even for challenging use cases.

Teboil Green+ Renewable Fuel Oil is fully produced from waste and residual raw materials. The product’s carbon footprint during its total life cycle is approximately 90 % smaller than that of a fossil-based fuel oil. Depending on season, the product is available in summer and winter grades.


Teboil Green+ Renewable Fuel Oil is suitable for all types of work machinery. Additionally, it reduces local emissions of older work machines. The product’s high cetane number ensures efficient and clean combustion and good cold start-up.


Teboil Green+ Renewable Fuel Oil is available at Kauniainen and Helsinki Ruskeasuo Teboil service stations.

Direct deliveries to customers are possible from our terminals in the northern and southern parts of Finland. The minimum delivery is 2000 liters. When placing and order please note, that ordered amount must fit in the tank.

Safety Data Sheets (in Finnish)