For Companies

Teboil is a comprehensive partner able to meet all companies’ needs for LPG.

Teboil supplies LPG for industrial and professional use in both cylinders and tanks. Teboil imports, stores and distributes its own LPG all over Finland, ensuring reliable LPG deliveries in all conditions.

Teboil's LPG professionals are available to answer any questions you may have concerning LPG or LPG systems.  Our comprehensive service also includes tailored equipment solutions and LPG systems as turnkey deliveries.

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Teboil delivers autogas in 11kg steel cylinders. The autogas cylinder is placed inside the vehicle on its side with the valve hole facing down. The cylinder differs from a typical screw valve cylinder by the red safety ring located around the valve. Use cases for Teboil's autogas cylinders include trucks and ice resurfacers. 

Autogas cylinder

Gas flows out of the cylinder in a liquid form. The cylinder is equipped with a shut-off valve and an excess flow valve, which blocks the gas from flowing out of the cylinder in case the fluid pipe or a connection gets damaged.

Please note! Autogas cylinders are meant only for engine fuel use. Used in other ways they pose a danger.

33kg steel cylinders equipped with screw valves are meant for use in objects, where high power and a bigger vaporization capacity is needed. Use cases include industrial heaters, gas-use infrared radiators, oxy-fuel cutting and restaurant kitchens.

The size of the LPG cylinders is announced in terms of the amount of gas they can accomodate. Tare weight is marked at the top part of the cylinder.


Teboil is a significant LPG partner for industry and we have many years of experience in delivering customized LPG solutions for different industrial sectors for heating and for use in different processes. Teboil's service includes equipment solutions and LPG systems carried out with the turnkey principle. Teboil manages official and safety regulations, planning, calculations and drawings, concessions and official permits as well as equipment, their installation, maintenance and periodic inspections. We also organize training required for the use of LPG and LPG systems.

Teboil's service also includes all LPG equipment. Teboil represents significant domestic and international suppliers of equipment. Teboil delivers both single piece of equipments as well as comprehensive solutions for industry. Teboil also offers an installation and maintenance service for equipment and systems. In cases where Teboil bears responsibility for installations and maintenance, it will also continue to take care of the system's periodic inspections, smooth operation and safety in the future too.  

LPG Equipment

- fixed and mobile tanks with related equipment
- steam generators
- pipelines, pressure controllers
- burners, pumps
- kettles
- building dryers
- infrared heaters