Max Drive

SOON AVAILABLE! From 15 December domestic fuels Teboil Diesel, 95 E10 and 98 E5 will be supplemented with a next-generation additive tailored for Teboil improving fuel efficiency. Teboil traffic fuels will be Max Drive products. 


New Max Drive products comprise: 

• Diesel Max Drive – suitable for all diesel engines

• 95 E10 Max Drive – suitable for engines that can run on fuels containing 10% ethanol

• 98 E5 Max Drive – suitable for all petrol engines

Max Drive fuels contain a new next-generation cleaning additive supplied by Innospec, an American trailblazer in the fuel industry. The additive improves fuel properties and relies on exclusive patented technology.


  • • Sustains cleaner fuel system injectors
  • • Maintains a better fuel system condition
  • • Reduces efficiency loss
  • • Improves fuel efficiency by up to 2%

95 E10 Max Drive and 98 E5 Max Drive in addition to Diesel Max Drive will be available at every Teboil station from mid-December and will replace currently sold traffic fuels.