Suonenjoki Keskusta

Service station


24h, 95E10, 98E5, Diesel, Motor oil

Car-related services

Car wash, Maintenance, Tires and changes, Car accessories and chemicals, Lubricants, LPG, Autoasi


Groceries, Cafe, Restaurant, Rolls, Teboil Grill

Payment methods

Teboil Payment card, Teboil Company card, Teboil D card (B, C), Cash, Bank card, Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club



Koulukatu 1,  77600 Suonenjoki

Tel. 020 793 1650


Mon-Fri 6-20, pe 6-21
Sat 7-21
Sun 9-19

Car service

Mon-Fri 8-16 puhelin 020-7931652

Card benefits

Discount on fuel with Teboil Customer Cards.