Legal notice

Legal notice and general terms of use

Welcome to the Teboil website ( These general terms are applied to the use of this website, and users are required to familiarise themselves with these terms before using the page.

1. General terms of use

In using this website the user is deemed to have accepted the general terms of use for this website. Teboil retains the right to change the terms of use without prior notice.

2. Information and use

All of the information on this website is meant to be general and informative, and therefore all information should be confirmed with Teboil representatives.

The user is entitled to use the information and material on this website for personal and non-commercial use only. The user does not have the right to change, process or edit the information on this website in any way without advance, written permission from Teboil. The violation of these general terms of agreement may result in being held civilly or criminally responsible in accordance with valid law. 

3. Rights

Teboils owns and retains the rights to the information and material on the website. All TEBOIL names, trademarks, symbols, products and other website content are protected by Teboil's (and/or its customers' and partners') copyright and are the property of the copyright holders. Unauthorised use may violate these rights.

4. Freedom from liability for third party material

Teboil cannot control the material or content of third party websites linked to or referenced on this website, nor does Teboil take responsibility for the information or material contained on third party websites.

5. Availability

As this website offers information of a general nature only, Teboil retains the right tochange the website and its content at any time without giving prior notification. Teboil does not commit to updating the information on the website and does not, therefore, take responsibility for ensuring that the information is entirely up-to-date. Teboil or its employees, management, clerical staff, agents or representatives or Group companies are not responsible for any expenses, liabilities or damages relating to the use of this website or information contained on or possibly missing from the webpages. Teboil can, at any time, shut down or prevent the use of this website or a part of this website.

6. Harmful content

Teboil has undertaken reasonable measures to ensure the safe use of this website. Nevertheless, users are solely responsible for using anti-virus software with regard to using this site and downloading the material and information contained on the site. It is recommended that users use a suitably up-to-date anti-virus program.

7. Privacy and the principles of data collection

No personal information is collected from users using this website with the exception of situations whereby the user voluntarily provides such information.

8. Limitation of liability

In using this website, the user accepts that Teboil is not in any way responsible for any damages or loss arising to the user or anyone else. 

9. General regulations

Should some part of these general terms of use be deemed in conflict with legislation or otherwise unenforceable, the part in question will have no effect on the validity of the rest of the general terms of use.

Finnish law will be applied to these general terms of use and to the use of this website, with the exception of provisions pertaining to applicable law. Any possible disputes arising from these general terms of use and from the use of this website will be dealt with at the District Court of Helsinki.