Teboil Diesel

Teboil Diesel is a high-quality diesel oil developed especially for demanding Finnish weather conditions.

You can refuel Teboil Diesel at all Teboil service stations and unmanned stations including D-stations for commercial traffic. Diesel is offered in different seasonal grades. Most D-stations for commercial traffic offer two seasonal grades of Teboil Diesel.

Grade Season

Cloud point (lowest storing temperature)

CFPP (lowest use temperature) 
Teboil Diesel -10/-20 Year-round -10 °C -20 °C
Teboil Diesel -29/-38 Winter -29 °C -38 °C

Versatile power additives

Teboil Diesel contains high-quality power additives, which give the product good cold-resistance and lubricative properties. In addition, the power additives reduce fuel consumption by keeping the engine clean, reducing foam production while refueling and improving engine start-up. Additionally, it prevents premature wear and tear of the injection pump and other important components.


Teboil Diesel has excellent cold-resistance qualities. Diesel -10/-20 can be used year-round even in temperatures slightly below zero bringing cost-savings to your business.



Safety Data Sheets (in Finnish)