Teboil keeps Finland moving. Teboil’s product range includes traffic fuels, light and heavy fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, lubricants as well as automotive chemicals. Teboil’s products and related services provide efficiency and well-being to society. 


Teboil offers a wide range of fuels, covering both traffic fuels as well as light and heavy fuel oil.

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Renewable Products

Teboil’s wide product range includes fuels made from 100% renewable raw materials.

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Teboil develops and produces lubricant products in a modern factory located in Hamina.

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Teboil supplies its cleanly and evenly burning Teboil LPG in a variety of ways, from cylinder gas delivered to households to corporate equipment and system solutions carried out as turnkey deliveries.

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AdBlue® and chemicals

Teboil's automotive chemicals series includes high-quality products for car care and year-round protection of technical systems.

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Safety Data Sheets (in Finnish)

Product Data (in Finnish)