There's a Teboil card for everyone: the Teboil Loyalty Card or Teboil Private Credit Card for consumers and the Teboil Company Card or Teboil D-Card for corporate customers and associations.

It pays to be a Loyal Customer

Refuel at a cheaper rate and take advantage of the offers at Teboil service stations.

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Teboil Loyalty Card

A free cash card entitling the cardholder to all customer benefits.

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Teboil Private Credit Card

Buy now and get an average of one month’s interest-free payment time.

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Teboil Company Card

A refuelling and payment card for companies which use passenger cars or vans.

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Teboil D-Card

A refuelling card for commercial traffic and heavy machinery companies.

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DKV Card

The top card for international traffic in Europe.

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