Fast food


Rolls offers its clients high quality food, which is made from carefully chosen ingredients. Rolls favors local ingredients, for which their burgers have been awarded with the Finnish Key Flag symbol.

The menu features classic burgers, such as Mama, Papa and Baby, which have been the favourites among clients for decades. Besides hamburgers, the company is famous for its crispy fries. The menu also accomodates those with dietary ristrictions and lately many vegan options have also been added to the menu.


Kotipizza is a Finnish pizza chain and the largest one in all the Nordic countries. Making great tasting food is Kotipizza's priority. Delicious taste comes from fresh and high quality ingredients. For the food to taste great, it also needs to be produced in a responsible way. That is why Kotipizza chooses ingredients that are respinsibly produced.

Every Kotipizza restaurant and pizza is unique, but the quality always remains consistent.


Who said fast food cannot be both delicious and of high quality? Sibylla checks both of those marks. Sibylla's menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, French fries, meatballs, meat pies and kebab - depending on the country and client. Sibylla services those on the go and those who want fast access to delicious and high quality food.