D Card for commercial traffic

Teboil D-Card is a refuelling and payment card for commercial traffic and heavy machinery companies. 

Teboil D Card is an excellent choice for commercial traffic and heavy machinery companies. The entire Teboil network of over 400 stations is available for Teboil D Card customers including an extensive, nationwide network of over 200 D stations for commercial traffic only. At Teboil D stations refuelling diesel, motor fuel oil and AdBlue® solution is fast and convenient. Furthermore, at these stations payments can be made with a physical Teboil D Card or through automatic vehicle recognition (AVR). The Teboil KorttiExtranet online service shows purchases made by Teboil D Card and AVR nearly in real time.


DKV Card for commercial traffic

DKV Card is the top choice for companies involved in international traffic in Europe.

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Teboil mobile app

You can easily pay for refueling at all Teboil automates throughout Finland.

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