DKV Card for commercial traffic

The DKV card is the most versatile and widespread service and credit card for commercial traffic in Europe.


With the DKV card refuelling, road tolls, repairs, towing and consumer services can be arranged in 51 countries at 67,000 service stations. Leading heavy-vehicle brand-specific garages in different countries accept the DKV card.

Visit DKV Euro Service online and utilise the available route planner for your journies. 

Manage company expenses

The DKV card helps you to monitor and manage your expenses. The clear invoices contain an itemised list of purchases and country-specific invoices, and the figures can also be grouped by card. Invoicing takes place twice per month in Euros. The DKV card also offers a VAT-return service, which returns the VAT from purchases made abroad to the driver at an affordable rate. DKV cards are available in Finland from Teboil. For further information, please call +358 (0)20 470 0900.