AdBlue® urea solution reduces diesel vehicle emissions by reducing nitrogen oxides to harmless nitrogen and water. The AdBlue® sold by Teboil is suitable for use in both heavy vehicles in addition to passenger cars and vans.


AdBlue® is an solution required in vehicles using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. The consumption of AdBlue® solution is approximately 5% of that of diesel fuel. AdBlue® solution is refuelled in a separate tank in the vehicle.

AdBlue® solution reduces nitrogen oxides to harmless nitrogen and water, which are removed together with exhaust fumes. The AdBlue® urea solution meets the requirements of Euro 5 / Euro 6 exhaust emission standards for exhaust after-treatment.

AdBlue® solution is widely available in Teboil's network and business customers can place orders for direct deliveries.


The AdBlue® solution can be refuelled extensively throughout Finland in more than 180 Teboil D automate stations for commercial traffic. At Teboil service stations, AdBlue® solution is available in smaller packs for cars and vans. Cars and vans can refuel AdBlue® solution at Teboil stations in Kauniainen, Espoo Olari, Mustasaari Helsingby, Salo Savipajankatu, Turku Kaskentie and Maarianhamina.


Our corporate customers can also order the AdBlue® solution directly. The options are:

Bulk delivery to the customer's tank. Minimum delivery 1,500 liters.

1,000 liter CDS or IBC container. The container is a cost-effective and simple solution for indoor use. Changing a container to full is quick and clean. We also recommend that you purchase the following accessories through Teboil: pump, refueling gun, hoses and fittings, and flow meter.

200 liter barrel. Minimum order 1 barrel for direct delivery. We recommend ordering a manual hand pump at the same time.

10 liter jug. Minimum order 20 jugs for direct delivery.

Safety Data Sheets (in Finnish)