Responsibility as an employer

Teboil employees include experts of about 200 different fields. Our station network consists of 400 points of sale, 100 of which are service stations. 900 employees employed by independent entrepreneurs work at our stations.

Safety and prevention of emergencies is at the core of all our operations. That is why we continuously organize training for our dealers, employees and partners. All service station employees are provided with occupational safety and environmental training, which covers, for example, the storage of hazardous chemicals, fire safety and environmental protection at service stations.

During the pandemic, we have encouraged all of our main office employees to work remotely and provided an opportunity to utilize various office supplies at home in order to achieve good work ergonomics. For those working at the office, we have introduced strict guidelines for safe distances, mask usage and good hand hygiene. We have also encourage our employees to take the coronavirus vaccine during work time so we can have our personnel be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Teboil offers its employees extensive healthcare services, good fitness benefits and discounts on our services and products exclusive for our personnel. We invest in the well-being of our employees and want to create a work environment that is both seamless and motivating.