Responsibility at stations

Oy Teboil Ab’s role is to sell and distribute fuel. Our responsibility is to ensure the safety of service and sales at stations for clients and nature alike.

We want to ensure that our sites are devoid of any risks related to work safety or the environment. Therefore, our network of more than 400 stations are subject to continuous risk assessment, which is important as preventive work. We do not regard any environmental or safety issue as minor or unimportant - all things are important, since a small issue can grow to be of great harm.

Our service stations operate as independent companies. However, Teboil instructs all of the dealers, station managers, contractors and subcontractors operating at its stations to act responsibly and strictly follow Teboil's safety and environmental policy. The training we provide includes safe handling of chemicals, first-aid extinguishing and fire safety. We are in constant dialogue with various authorities, contractors and other stakeholders with the aim of providing safety at service stations and to prevent environmental damage and work accidents.

Regulated industry

Distribution of fuel is one of society's most heavily regulated industries. Virtually every detail at a service station is regulated, from the storage place of liquefied gas used for gas grills, to the wastewaters of car washers. Authorities perform checks at the stations regularly and work as our partners in ensuring that the sales and distribution of fuel is done safely. We have also been involved in drawing up training materials for authorities on environmental and fire inspections of service stations, as well as guidelines for updating environmental permits.

Safety is important to us, which is why we want to hear feedback from our customers as well. In case you notice something out of the ordinary at our stations, we ask you to please contact our customer service. In case you notice any defects or flaws, please inform about them by calling the following number: 020 4700 444. You can find the contact information of our customer service on all our stations. For fault reports, please find a telephone number on the payment terminals (calls are free of charge): 0800 133 255 (24h).